Chef, Educator, Speaker, Content Creator, Recipe Developer, Food Consultant, Marketer

Food is my love language, my channel for creative expression, my cultural celebration and connection to Mother Earth. It is my obsession. My foundation and core strength comes from my deep connection and knowledge of Asian food, ingredients, techniques and dishes. I am deeply inspired by my travels around the world and it has enriched and matured me in my food journey. Food is an expression of my connections, relationships and memories. Baking is my form of meditation. I cook to nurture and bake to delight.

About Me

Culinary, Pastry Arts, Wellness, & Nutrition.

I have a dual diploma in Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts from Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, Vancouver.

Previously a freelance chef for a global personalised health company, responsible for menu development, planning, and execution for health retreats around the globe.  

Conducted cooking lessons both hands-on and online as well as public cooking demonstrations. Developed recipes for companies and campaigns and authored an e-cookbook. 

Trained as a holistic health coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and certified health coach by ph360. 

Living overseas for 20 years/9 countries, my extensive travels have allowed me freedom to explore numerous other culinary traditions all the while growing in my food journey developing my palate and repertoire as a chef and foodie. This has also afforded me the opportunity to develop and learn through one-to-one experiences from chefs in countries around the world France, Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy and New Zealand being standouts. 


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