BC Ministry of Agriculture

November 12, 2019 

Panel speaker & exhibitor


Sharing my story and collaboration with Matt and Elizabeth from Aurora View Farm

"Every Chef Needs a Farmer, Every Farmer Needs a Chef (ECNF) is an annual, province-wide menu-planning session for farmers, ranchers, chefs and members of the food and beverage industry to create more opportunities to bring B.C. food to plates around the province.

During this one-day networking event chefs can explore a variety of B.C. products that are available for their restaurants, and farmers can connect directly with chefs to better understand what products are in high demand, and make deals that build their business and result in more people enjoying B.C. food.

The event showcases B.C.’s agriculture and food sector, with over 40 booths featuring B.C., farmers, ranchers, industry associations and non-profit organizations involved in B.C.’s local food system.

Attendees also have the opportunity to get insights, ideas and opportunities from chefs, academics, producers and processors involved with championing locally sourced food in a series of specialized panel sessions that take place throughout the day.

The event is part of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Buy BC program. Buy BC helps farmers, ranchers and producers market their products as locally-grown, raised and produced. This makes it easy for British Columbians to identify and purchase local products from across the province." Source : gov.bc.ca

A huge thank you to the Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham for her leadership and her amazing team who have made this day of connections possible with chefs, farmers, growers, producers and processors in BC.  


Just want to say beyond all the social media, there is so much hard work, pain, tears, failures and disappointments that so many of us as chefs, growers, producers, restauranteurs, processors, entrepreneurs go through in the work that we do. Your support of BC produce and businesses mean so much to all of us who are passionate about feeding our community and bringing good food everyday to you. The cost of business is rising, there is shortage of labour and food margins are slim and should be higher. But if you want to continue to eat and be nourished well, look at the source of your food. Please support local BC farmers,

growers, producers and local businesses, send us some love and support and vote with your $. We love our community and want to feed you well! ❤️❤️❤️

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